8 Amazing Ways To Use Myrrh Essential Oil

 myrrh oil uses
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A Natural Remedy

Most people are familiar from myrrh because it was one of the three gifts brought to Jesus along with gold and frankincense. In fact, the Bible mentions myrrh 152 different times. It was important in those times, just as it is important today, for use as a natural remedy, a spice and even for purification of the dead.

Many people will still use myrrh oil today to remedy a number of ailments. According to researchers, myrrh has a potent antioxidant benefit and can even be used for the treatment of cancer. Myrrh has even been shown to fight parasitic infections and can be quite effective at doing so.

 myrrh oil uses

1Beneficial for The Prevention of Skin Aging

The antiaging properties of this essential oil are well known. In fact, myrrh is beneficial for all of the skin. It can also help to facilitate the healing of wounds.

Myrrh is best used when it is mixed with carrier oils, such as almond, grape seed oil or jojoba prior to the time that it is applied to the skin. An unscented lotion can also be used in the mixture and applied to the skin as well. The antioxidant properties of myrrh make it perfect for rejuvenating the skin, healing wounds and reversing the skin aging process.

 myrrh oil for health

2It Can Heal Common Wounds

Myrrh not only has antimicrobial effects, it can also reduce inflammation and pain, which makes it an excellent way of healing wounds. A study was performed that evaluated postpartum women with a vaginal delivery who also had an episiotomy, in which a sitz bath with myrrh oil or soap application was used to heal the perineum. Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis are both bacteria and they can be stopped with myrrh and they may be a common problem in these cases.

When used on a common wound, it works fantastic. It also keeps those wounds from being infected. Tetanus is also prevented when you use myrrh.

 myrrh oil for health

3It Is a Nervous System Stimulant

Many areas of the nervous system can also be stimulated through the use of myrrh essential oil. It can also help to stimulate your thoughts. When you use myrrh essential oil, you tend to be more active and motivated.

The increase of digestion, blood circulation, nervous activity, secretions and excretion are seen with the use of this essential oil. It keeps the digestive juices flowing and keeps the heart pumping as well. When you use myrrh, it helps you to be active and alert because it stimulates both the nervous system and the brain.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

4It Improves Your Mood

An improvement in the mood is often seen with the use of myrrh essential oil. It can be inhaled to experience this benefit. When you inhale it, it may also help to fight a cold.

An essential oil distiller can be purchased so you can achieve a certain mood by filling the whole house with this beneficial oil. You can also inhale the steam of hot water when a few drops of myrrh essential oil are added. If you are sick or fighting the symptoms of a cough, cold or bronchitis, you can inhale this essential oil to benefit.

 myrrh essential oil treatment

5Strengthens and Constricts the Tissues

Myrrh essential oil is well known for its astringent properties. In other words, it can strengthen the internal organs, including the intestines and has a beneficial effect on the muscles and gums. It can also smooth the skin.

When hair loss is a problem, myrrh can help your scalp to hold on to the hair roots and prevent that issue. The astringent property of myrrh can also stop wounds from hemorrhaging. This can be of benefit when you're wounded because the astringency keeps the blood vessels contracted and stops the flow of blood, keeping you from losing too much.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

6Reduces the Inflammation of Tissue

Inflammation may affect the body in any area. It can be difficult to reduce the inflammation you're experiencing. The use of myrrh essential oil can make it easy.

The inflammation that may be experienced in various tissues throughout the body can be sedated with the use of myrrh essential oil. This can help if you have a viral infection or fever. When you eat too much spicy food and get indigestion, myrrh essential oil can also help. It can even help when a toxin or other inflammatory substantive enters the bloodstream and causes problems with circulation.

 myrrh oil uses

7It Fights Cancer Cells

One popular topic within certain circles is the ability of myrrh essential oil to heal cancer. The anticancer benefits of myrrh have also been discovered. Myrrh was also found to stop the replication and proliferation of human cancer cells as early as 2011.

Admittedly, nobody is saying that myrrh oil is the cure for cancer. With ongoing research, however, it is hoped that myrrh can be used to fight this disease. 8 different types of cancer cells in gynecological cancers have been identified as being affected by myrrh, as it inhibits the growth of those cells. It will be necessary to continue to research to see how this essential oil can be used to treat cancer, but it is looking promising.

 myrrh essential oil treatment

8It Can Boost Your Overall Health

It is important to care for your overall health. Many people, however, tend to neglect their health today because they are busy. Regardless of your schedule, it is important to eat properly and exercise.

The use of myrrh essential oils can boost your overall health. It can be used as a tonic to tone the systems and organs within the human body. In doing so, it protects from infection, premature aging and provides strength.

Commiphora myrrha is a tree that is the source of myrrh, a resin material. It is found throughout the Middle East and Africa. It is similar to frankincense and is used widely throughout the world.

The knotted tree trunk and white flowers are well known as a part of the myrrh tree. Sometimes, the desert where the tree grows causes it to have few leaves. It may also look twisted and unusual because of the wind and harsh weather.

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