8 Benefits Of Myrrh Essential Oil

 what can you use myrrh oil for
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myrrh oil benefits

Well Known For Healing Properties

Myrrh essential oil comes from the resin. The official name of myrrh is Commiphora myrrha. It is found in Egypt.

Many years ago, Egyptians used the resin in perfumes and incense. In Greece, the oil was well known as having healing properties, as it was put on cuts and scrapes. The essential oil of myrrh is made up of several different things, including sesquiterpenes, formic acid, acetic acid, heerabolene, cresol, eugenol, and cuminaldehyde, and it is beneficial in many ways.

 myrrh oil uses

1It Stops Microbial Growth

Microbes are found everywhere. Myrrh essential oil stops them from developing or affecting you in any way. Also, if you have a microbial infection, the oil can stop other complications from occurring.

For example, measles, mumps, the common cold, food poisoning, and fever can all result from a microbial infection. You do not have to worry about any side effects when you use myrrh essential oil. It is very different than antibiotics because it won't cause issues with digestion or your liver.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

2It Helps Soothe Inflammation

If you have inflammation or infection, myrrh essential oil can help you feel better. It also cuts down on the swelling associated with these issues. Myrrh can make you feel good, too.

Myrrh oil does wonderful things for the body. Simply take a cold compress and put on a few drops of this oil, pushing it gently against the area of the body that you are struggling with. You will feel better after the application, as the oil is antifungal and antibacterial and cuts back on inflammation.

 myrrh essential oil treatment

3It Can Handle Parasitic Diseases

Parasite infestations are one thing that most people hope they never have to deal with. More than that, though, you don't want to have a parasite and not know what to do with it. Egyptian scientists did have to deal with this problem in patients that they treated.

The typical treatment for parasites is tough on the body and can upset your stomach. Myrrh essential oil, however, worked wonders when the scientists tried it out, and patients did not have any adverse reactions. There was only a specific parasite being treated, so the potential to replicate this success with other parasites is unknown at this time, but it does look promising!

 myrrh oil for your health

4It Helps Make Your Smile Beautiful

Your mouth houses a lot of germs. A lot is going on in there, not the least of which is the fact that it is a breeding ground for microbes. You can normally tell that a certain illness is coming on because of changes in and around your mouth; for example, you may get a sore throat. It is not uncommon to have issues with either your gums or teeth.

Myrrh oil can help. It soothes sore throats, helps with gingivitis, and even has a positive impact on canker sores. Try pairing myrrh essential oil with frankincense essential oil, as the combination is quite powerful.

 myrrh oil for your health

5It Keeps Infections At Bay

You have to take care of a wound the right way if you want to keep infections away. A little infection can turn into a big problem. If you suffer a cut or a scrape, you need to keep the area clean.

Just add a little myrrh essential oil to your scrape, and you don't need to stress about an infection. The oil will help the wound heal, and because it is antiseptic, it will keep microbial infections at bay as well. It may even help you avoid getting tetanus, too.

 myrrh oil for your health

6It Helps With Phlegm And Mucus

Congestion is no fun. When it isn't dealt with appropriately, it can lead to a week or two of constant coughing. Myrrh essential oil can help!

This oil eliminates extra phlegm and mucus. It keeps you from getting too congested. It can also ease coughing and help with breathing as well.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

7It Heals Wounds And Ulcers

Myrrh can help white blood cells work better. If you have an injury, and you need it to heal quickly, white blood cells are going to be essential to that process. Myrrh can also cut back on the number of ulcers that you get, and it can help them to heal faster if you do get them.

Myrrh oil can be used as both an antiseptic and a fungicide. It helps ease issues like ringworm and athlete's foot if you put it right on the problem area. It can also help you to avoid infection following an injury on your skin.

 myrrh oil uses

8It Gives You Better Looking Skin

You should seek medical advice before consuming essential oils. Myrrh is very effective when used in mouthwash. It has been approved as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration, but you have to be careful about the amount you take. Before doing this, speak to your doctor because he or she can advise you on how to proceed.

You can make skincare products with myrrh as well. For instance, a lotion made out of myrrh and frankincense will help tone the skin. You can also combine myrrh with other oils to come up with a fragrance that you like.

 myrrh oil uses

Myrrh has medicinal properties. It has been used in aromatherapy. It can help with uterine health as well.

Myrrh can make menstruation more bearable, as it has been known to ease mood swings. You should always be careful to use myrrh essential oil in moderation, however. Also, if you are expecting a baby, do not use this product.

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