7 Reasons Why Myrrh Essential Oil Is Good For You

 what can you use myrrh oil for
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 myrrh oil for health

One Of The Three Gifts

Most people remember myrrh because it was one of the three gifts given to Jesus, but they may not know that myrrh is used for different reasons around the world on an ongoing basis. The majority of herbal remedies and essential oils come from flowers or leaves, but myrrh is a little different. It is a type of resin that comes from a Middle Eastern or African tree known as the Commiphora myrrha tree.

Thanks to the record of myrrh being given to Jesus in the Bible, it is well known, but that is not the only place that it was documented. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians used it in the mummification process and their religious rituals. Some records from Herodotus show that myrrh was used approximately 2,500 years ago, even though the Egyptians were using it long before that time.

myrrh oil benefits

1Removes Toxins From The Body

Your body uses sweat to cool down. You also sweat for another reason as well. It is a natural process of the human body that releases toxins.

When you use myrrh essential oil, it can help to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body by increasing perspiration. In essence, it removes both excess water and salt from the human body. When you sweat, it also keeps your pores clean and helps nitrogen and other harmful gases to escape through the skin.

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2Keeps Bacteria Away

Myrrh essential oil can help with the healing of wounds because it reduces pain and inflammation and has an antimicrobial effect. One study took a close look at women who had an episiotomy and a vaginal delivery and who also used a sitz bath with myrrh oil. It shows that the sitz bath with myrrh oil helps heal the perineum by keeping certain types of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, away.

Many people also use myrrh essential oil for the treatment of common wounds. Those wounds are unlikely to be infected due to the use of the oil. Tetanus will also become a rare problem.

 myrrh oil for health

3Helps The Body To Expel Excess Mucus

Many people have a difficult time dealing with congestion. It is a problem that can lead to chronic coughing. Myrrh essential oil makes it easy to care for this problem.

Excess phlegm and mucus are removed from the body, thanks to the properties of myrrh essential oil. It can also reduce the possibility of mucus deposition and related issues. Some of the problems that can be addressed include breathing problems, congestion, a heavy feeling in the chest, and coughing.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

4Treats Both Wounds And Ulcers

The white blood cells tend to function better when myrrh essential oil is used. Those white blood cells have a healing effect on wounds. Also, myrrh can decrease the possibility of ulcers; if you do have this condition, they tend to heal more quickly, according to a study from the Journal of Immunotoxicology published in 2010.

Many people use myrrh essential oil because it is an antiseptic and a fungicide. Common fungal infections, such as ringworm or athlete's foot, might be reduced when you apply the oil directly to the area. Even minor wounds and scrapes can benefit from the reduced likelihood of infection.

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5It Has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Inflammation is a common problem for many people, and it may take place throughout the body. It is sometimes difficult to reduce inflammation. When you use myrrh essential oil, it provides an easy solution.

Inflammation found throughout the body can be sedated with the use of myrrh essential oil. This can be beneficial for many reasons, including viral infections, fever, or when you eat something spicy and have inflammation in your digestive system, resulting in indigestion. Even the circulatory system can be affected with inflammation when an inflammatory element is introduced to the bloodstream, such as a toxin.

 myrrh essential oil treatment

6It Can Eliminate Parasites

You may not give much thought to parasite infections, but they are prevalent. The last thing that you want, however, is to have a parasite and not know how to treat it. Thanks to Egyptian scientists who worked with individuals who had parasites in their stools, this issue has been resolved.

Many different types of antiparasitic treatments can lead to various issues, such as intestinal discomfort. After testing with myrrh essential oil, the problem was eliminated, and adverse reactions were not experienced. Even though a specific parasite was targeted during this test, it shows great potential for treating other types of parasites as well.

 what can you use myrrh oil for

7Improves Your Overall Health

No one can deny that it is vital to care for your health. Many people tend to be too busy, and their health gets neglected. Exercising on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet are imperative.

An improvement in your overall health can be seen through the use of myrrh essential oil. When it is used in a tonic, it benefits the organs throughout the human body. It keeps them from aging prematurely and experiencing problems with infections and strengthens the organs naturally.

myrrh oil benefits

When you look at history, myrrh was often used as a medical treatment in Jewish anointing oils, ancient Chinese medicine, and in many other cultures for traditional healing. We often see how plant-based medicine interacts with history, and myrrh is a prime example. Those ancient Hebrews and Egyptians were familiar with the tree, and it is still found throughout the area down to this day. Of course, you can't expect all types of natural healing to be sweet. After all, the Arabic word of bitter is where myrrh gets its name.

You will find both terpenoids and eugenol in the chemical makeup of myrrh essential oil. Both of those chemicals have established medicinal properties. The potent healing effects of terpenoids are perhaps well known because they keep the plant from oxidative stress.

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